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"Pétanque as a standalone minigame" (PASAM for lack of space) is the prototype of an adventure/RPG game in development. Its goal is to field-test ideas and mechanisms for future development (as a "vertical slice" of the future game).

The future game will, hopefully, be a "coming of age" story of two late teenagers during their holidays in Southern France. Currently, only the beginning of the story is in the prototype, which includes a pétanque minigame as well.

Important : the prototype was rushed to meet the deadline of a French festival so it is only written in French as of now. While everybody can enjoy the pétanque minigame (choose "partie rapide" for a quick game from the main menu) it is preferable to know some French to play the main quest ("Nouveau jeu" from the main menu if you want to try it anyway). There is no failure possible during dialogs and the tutorial is very straightforward so it is perfectly possible to complete the game without knowing a single word of French, but most of the atmosphere would be lost...


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